Since 1964 the Pandora foundation has been supporting people with a psychiatric or psychological needs. Our clients' experiences in the field are at the heart of our operation/core of our practice. We fight prejudices and work for the betterment of their societal position. We do this in a number of ways:

Information, advice and contact with people in similar positions

We help clients and their surroundings cope with mental issues by issueing information, giving advice and establishing contact with people in in similar conditions.

Informing and workshops

The Pandora Foundation informs those having or dealing with mental issues. We educate and give workshops and adice to a broad range of groups, such as schools and employers. To this end we develop our own course material, folders, posters, brochures, information and advice documents and lists of recommended reading. We also maintain three websites and three digital mailinglists.

Looking after political interests

The Pandora Foundation is actively involved in political and governmental issues. We stay up to date on the latest developments, and watch for new ones on the horizon. Using our experience from the field we are able to inform and advise the media, politicians and policymakers. We are independent and are not sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. Where necessary this allows us to go against the grain.

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